Wisconsin farmer creates Moo Muffs to protect calves’ ears after fire destroyed family barn

LONE ROCK - The Holstein calf wriggled and squiggled as Holly Poad put on him a pair of heart-meltingly cute ear muffs designed to protect newborn cattle from getting frostbitten ears.

The calf was only 2 days old, still unsteady on his feet. Even so, he was solidly in the target market that farmer Poad, 33, and her seamstress aunt, Kim Ewers, 56, had in mind when they designed Moo Muffs.

Moo Muffs are made of a hardy nylon material on the outside, and soft, warm fleece on the inside. They are simple, with ear coverings that look like elongated spades and a few adjustable straps that hold them on a calf`s head.


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