“Decoding the Driftless” A review...

The Communication Studies department, in cooperation with the nonprofit Sustainable Driftless, screened “Decoding the Driftless,” an hour-long nature documentary about the driftless region, on Nov. 5th in Olin 102. Producer George Howe answered questions from the audience after the screening.

The area made up of western Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, northwest Illinois, and northeast Iowa gets its name because the region was not flattened by glaciers in the last Ice Age, creating a landscape with karst topography.

The film explores features of the Driftless region, such as blufftop sinkholes, ice caves, and cliffside hawk’s nests. Some of the locations it depicted, such as algific talus slopes, goat prairies, and ancient archeological sites, are completely closed to the public to protect their fragile ecosystems from damage. This film was meant to be a way for people to experience the diverse aspects of the driftless region.


Ken Notes: Avery nice overview of the film. If you have not yet scheduled a showing in your community you should. It is a great way to stimulate a positive discussion fo the region we hold so dear...

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