Valley Stewardship Network`s Conservation on Tap forum ends March 13

In the final presentation of the 2018-19 series on conservation in the Driftless Area, the Valley Stewardship Network (VSN) welcomes Kickapoo Valley Reserve’s Ben Johnson to the Conservation on Tap forum. Johnson is the KVR’s lead for the Citizen Science Project and will share with attendees the numerous opportunities to engage in citizen science monitoring projects in the region.

The event will be held at the Rooted Spoon, 219 S. Main St., Viroqua, March 13 from 7-9 p.m. Come learn about opportunities to participate in citizen science projects monitoring birds, frogs, bats, bees, plants, water quality, and more. Johnson will talk about his role as a volunteer for citizen science, describe the basics of the programs, and share an experience or two from the field. The presentation is intended to inspire others to find a citizen science program of their own....


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