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Public Service Commission Approves Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line

Commissioners Say Project Will Enhance Reliability While Moving Toward Clean Energy Goals

The Public Service Commission has unanimously approved the construction of a roughly 100-mile transmission line through southwestern Wisconsin. 

The Cardinal-Hickory Creek project is expected to cost more than $500 million and create between $23 million and $350 million in economic benefits to Wisconsin over its 40-year lifespan. 

PSC Chairwoman Rebecca Valcq said to characterize their decision on the project as difficult was an understatement. 

"It was not easy and I went back and forth, but for me the risks of not building this line and being wrong are just too great," said Valcq. "I’m voting for the project to ensure energy reliability in our region and access to lower cost clean energy can be achieved."


Ken Notes: I did see this coming and wrote about the inevitable approval of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek line often. I will continue to advocate for Driftless area amenities like trails, public land set asides, camping, promotion of tourism in the region, and economic development -- but I fear we have lost much if not all of our leverage now that the project is approved. It also suggest that renewable power need not be a distributed regional system so watch for more mega solar and wind systems. Please share this and continue to write and discuss how we transition to renewable energy in the future. Finally even the 15% figure is a lot for Wisconsin to pay for a system built to primarily serve other States.

You may have noticed that DriftlessNotes.com is on hiatus while I try to find a working economic model for it`s continued operation, but this story and project will dissect the region and needs to be told. Please share, talk and continue to advocate for the Driftless - I know I will...

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